The keypeer project was initiated in discussions among developers and users of SailfishOs.

Two developers, @rinigus and @karry, both pursing somewhat different goals in building native mapping applications for SFOS, prompted @poetaster to start thinking of a solution to allow users to help fund the projects. It started with the observation that developer API keys couldn't be distributed with the application Puremaps since the number of users far exceeded developer use. This required users to obtain keys directly from tile providers which effectively raised the bar and forced users to subscribe directly to those services. For the technically capable who were willing to give their personal information to a third party, perhaps. But a dead end for the majority of users. But how are FOSS developers supposed to collect fees from users when they have barely the resources to build the tools in the first place! And how to connect payment information for a myriad of services and users with applications!

And so began a 'quest' of sorts to start a general service to connect payments and services without sacrificing user anonymity or the developer's savings.

The founding of a new user society, the Sailmates, gave these discussions a formal framework to further develope.


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